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I love what I do! My classes are so rewarding, and my students are so thoughtful and kind it sometimes hurts the heart! From time to time students have been so impressed with their projects that they have written letters of thanks to me and I can think of nothing better to do than to share their kind words. Perhaps their testimonials will encourage you to take the plunge and join an upcoming class!

Lesley Janes

Owner/Instructor Brush Strokes With Lesley

I started doing some painting classes Fall 2018 with Lesley Janes. I’m a brand new student with zero painting experience. For my first class I showed up with nothing but enthusiasm...and after leaving that class I couldn’t wait to book my next one. Lesley is extremely helpful, patient & encouraging. A lovely person. She goes above & beyond to help her students to ensure they leave with a piece they are proud of. Classes are small & intimate and I have met many lovely ladies; some experienced & some newbies like me! A class with Lesley is an enjoyable evening indeed! 

R. Morgan

I love painting with Lesley! Her patient, calm and always encouraging teaching style has given me the confidence to move outside my comfort zone and try a new hobby. I’ve met some wonderful people in her painting classes and everyone is so supportive. Her classes are fun, interesting and very affordable. I never thought I could draw – let alone paint but with her guidance I’ve produced some wonderful pieces that I’m so proud of that I hang them in my office! Painting with Lesley has opened up a whole new world for me and I can’t wait for the next class!!! Thanks Lesley.

H. McDonald

I had painted years ago and wanted to get back into it. A friend recommended Lesley and after a few classes, I was hooked again. The classes are informative, relaxed and a lot of fun. Lesley is incredibly talented, offering classes in oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil as well as classes in different techniques. I’ve watched her work with people who’ve never put a brush to canvas and she can lead them step by step through a painting that the student never imagined possible. She provides all the materials necessary so it’s easy for anyone to attend a class, paint a picture and walk out with a finished piece of art. Best of all, she will do what she can to ensure you are able to finish your painting. No one is left with an unfinished piece. I also like that she uses natural/non-toxic materials wherever possible. I can’t recommend her classes enough. Without exception, the best art instructor I’ve had past or present.

L Ryan

I thought I had to give up painting forever as I was having respiratory issues due to chemicals in the paint. A friend told me about Lesley’s classes and her use of natural pigments and oils. I learned how oil paint is made with less toxic ingredients and now I can paint again. Lesley is a warm and patient teacher whose enthusiasm is contagious. I am learning to use oil paints and am having so much fun. I’ve been attending weekly classes since early January and look forward to enrolling in drawing classes and exploring other mediums as well. The natural pigments Lesley uses can be mixed with natural oil and other products that are non-toxic and safe for me.

Lesley is an awesome teacher and I highly recommend any of her classes.

M Penney

 “I met Lesley a few years ago when a friend of mine convinced me to try out an art class at Brush Strokes with Lesley. I was very pleasantly surprised not only by the patience and kindness that Lesley put forth to all of her students but also by her own remarkable talent as an artist. I have been amazed at Lesley’s personal art work in all forms of representation from acrylic, oil, sketching and printing (to name a few). Through some of her work, it is not hard to tell that Lesley has a passion for four legged furry friends, talking about them at art class and telling us stories about her most recent pet sitting adventure. Earlier this year our beloved little cat Oskar became quite ill and we had to free her from her suffering. Lesley knew how much Oskar meant to myself and my family 

as I had sent her a few pictures and updates. Last week, Lesley showed up on my doorstep with the most heartwarming gift any pet owner can imagine receiving. Lesley had taken one of the pictures I had sent her and reproduced it into the most perfectly accurate painting. It brought tears to my eyes seeing the emotion of that picture brought to life through Lesley’s hands. Every last detail had been taken in and transferred to canvas. Thank you again Lesley from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness, kind spirit and your incredible talent”. 

L. Chafe

"I took an acrylic painting class with Lesley to see how I’d like it, as I’ve never painted or drawn anything before. Since that first lesson, I’ve taken classes in drawing, charcoal, acrylic, and oil painting. I’ve taken evening classes, and full day classes, and have enjoyed them all. The atmosphere is always friendly, and Lesley is always willing to help guide you on your way. I love learning the different techniques, and try to put them into practice. I look forward to taking many more classes." Glenn Duhart

"I began attending Lesley’s art classes during the Fall 2014. I have attended her drawing, charcoal, acrylic and oil painting classes on a regular basis since then. I have learned a great deal by attending the lessons and would highly recommend Lesley as an instructor. Lesley’s classes are friendly and relaxed. Students are encouraged to develop their own talent in a supportive environment with Lesley providing guidance on an as needed basis. Lesley provides tips and techniques during the class that enable the beginner to quickly improve and for the more advanced student’s to benefit from. Lesley enhances her teaching by sharing anecdotes, often humorous, of her own artistic experiences and frustrations. Lesley’s art classes are informative, productive, but most of all fun”. Ian McDermott

"I have booked painting classes at Lesley's studio the last Sunday of every

month since September, 2015. There are 6 of us who go to enjoy a "girl's

night" out. The classes have become something we look forward to each month. Lesley creates a welcoming atmosphere in her home studio. She plays relaxing music, provides us with tea and sweets, and yes, we paint!! She is very patient with all of us "newbie" painters, and she is very encouraging,

especially when we make mistakes. Lesley has taught us that mistakes are

easily fixed and they are not actually mistakes, but a special

feature/characteristic of our individual work. Lesley graciously guides us

through the evening, all of us painting the same picture, yet somehow each

looks wonderfully unique. At the end of our Sunday evenings, we leave Lesley's studio with a framed picture and a smile on our faces. I would like to thank you, Lesley, not only for what you do with us, but how you do it. You demonstrate such an immense passion. Thank you!" Ann-Marie Wells

"I started classes with Brush strokes with Lesley in December 2014. Since then I have painted with Acrylic and oil, on Canvas and on Slate as well as taken some drawing classes. once you register and get on the mailing list you will be informed of all classes being offered. Every class was a positive experience for me and I feel I have learned a lot. I really enjoy bringing home a finished product at the end of each class. Lesley will give you as much help as you want. Whether the class is large or small, she will get around to each and eery person. i love going to classes because I find them informative, relaxing and very enjoyable!" -Denise Dodd, Acrylic painting, Oil painting and Drawing Student

"Painting has become one of the great pleasures in my life... thanks to the beautiful and talented "Miss. Lesley" I have always had an appreciation for art work but never really imagined that I could enjoy this hobby or produce anything worth keeping. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well my paintings have turned out and I have enjoyed the process thoroughly. Credit has to be given to lesley for skill as an instructor and her generosity as a person in offering ongoing support and encouragement. I likely would not have found my way to this creative outlet had it not been for her... Thank you Lesley." -Geri Dalton, Oil painting and Drawing Student

"My Daughter Stephanie has been painting with Lesley of "Brush Strokes with Lesley" for over 2 years. As a 12 year old girl, my daughter began in the children's painting class but seeing potential, Lesley suggested that she attend the adult class. Stephanie always looks at the suggested paintings for both the Children's and Adult classes and decides which picture she would like to paint. Sometimes she chooses both! Lesley is always so supportive, encouraging and attentive to her students and Stephanie enjoys the one to one teaching amidst the group atmosphere." -Rose Power

"Lesley,thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on the painting of my father in law. My husband loved it!!!! Great detail and so much like the original pic! You are extremely talented and should be very proud of the work you do. I would highly recommend you to anyone!!!! Thanks again:)"- Michelle

"My kids had a great time last night in your painting class and they really liked YOU, which makes it that much easier to drop them there knowing they feel comfortable" - Mother of 1st time kids class participants

“Having had the opportunity to take painting classes with Lesley I find her very talented. She is very friendly and a lot of fun, keeping the professionalism there to teach. I have enjoyed her classes and will continue to do more. I highly recommend attending her classes for a fun and very affordable night out." - Trudy Adult Acrylic and Oil Student

"Myself and my daughter started going to Lesley's art classes about a year ago, with neither of us having any experience in painting (at all, my wife won't even let me paint the inside of the house !!!). We attended the first class reluctantly (we were filling in for other people who backed out at the last minute). However, we found the class fun, and actually learned a little in the process. We've been going to the classes ever since.

Lesley is full of energy, and her love of art comes through when she's teaching a class. She works with each of us to ensure we are able to complete our paintings before leaving the end of class. The other students also make the class fun, laughing and joking while we work on our paintings. It's just a fun night out that myself and my daughter look forward to once a month.

PS. My wife has even taken a few of our pictures and hung them on the wall (but she still won't let me paint inside the house)." - Bill Adult Acrylic Student

"Last night's event was awesome! I really appreciate your professionalism. Be prepared to be booked with us again!" - Leigh Fitzpatrick Community Development Coordinator, Town of Torbay

"You are an amazing teacher Lesley...and I so enjoy the painting classes....

I'm always looking forward to the next one...." - Patricia Acrylic and Oil Student

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