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Below are some of the pieces that our oil paint students have been working on, or are in the process of completing.

Click on the images to enlarge.

Lesley Anne has started the drawing on a portrait of a very handsome dog. Check back each week to see her progress!

Lesley Anne has been making wonderful progress.

Catherine has also been working on to finish this lovely picture of a family homestead. Great job Catherine!

Catherine has been working on this piece for a number of months and finished it up last night. I think she did a fantastic job painting from her own photography!

This beauty has literally been 2 years in the making! Bev took a picture of the Ferryland Lighthouse with a clear blue sky. She starting working on it in the studio in 2017 and did a great job! But she never hung it, it wasn't what she wanted! she loves the milky way, so recently we decided to revisit this painting and changed the background. Fantastic job Bev! I bet you have it hung up on the wall now!

What a wonderful semester with the City of St. John's. Check out some of the final creations of this first time knife painters!

Check back often as I will add projects as my students finish them!

You guys are doing so great!

Anit'a's 1st Oil Painting!

Kim's 1st Oil Painting!

Geri's Vacation Picture:

Snowman by Emilie:

Sept oil projects with the City of St. John's.

October oil projects with the City of St. John's.

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