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Here are some of th adults drawing from our "Learn to Draw" workshops.

Click on the images to enlarge.

October 2022 Drawing classes have been going really well.

The October 2020 online charcoal class was a hit!

May 8th and 15th I hosted a 2 night charcoal workshop. Check out the progress of these 1st time drawing students!

Night 1

Night 2

March 18th 2018 I spent the afternoon with Geri, Ian and Audrey. They participated in the Charcoal Landscape workshop! We kicked things off by warming up the arms and drew a pear then we got into drawing skies, trees and water! Everyone did a fantastic job!

July 30th 2015 we had our first 

Charcoal and Conte workshop. Check out the great work!

Just wanted to share some images with you of recent drawing classes.

Students are asked to draw a particular subject without any instruction. Then we draw the same obect with instruction provided then we compare!

Check out their progression on a simple object, a walnut!

Charcoal drawings from water drop workshop:

We also offer "Kids Can Draw" workshops. Check out the great drawings below!

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