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Retreats 2022!

We had 2 fantastic retreats during the summer of 2022!

From acrylic painting, drawing, print making, rock painting, finger painting, pebble art and some great food, a fantastic time was had by all.  

Why not join us next year!

Retreats 2021!

Retreats 2019!

The 1st of 2 retreats was held on July 12th to 14th 2019! We had a wonderful time. Why not join us next year?

The retreat started on Friday night with set up followed by a lovely meal with friends.  

We started right in with abstract pours and acrylic dips at 730pm. It was messy but we had a wonderful time doing it!

Once we were cleared away we headed outside for a campfire, complete with S'mores, (1st one for Catherine) and of course a sing a long lead by Joanne and her favorite wee mouse song!

After a great night sleep and wonderful breakfast my guests started in on our first acrylic painting of the retreat. This year we worked on 10x20 stretched canvases and created a lovely sunrise complete with reeds, Canada geese and even a kayak!

Geri working on her sky!

We then took a break for a much earned and nutritious lunch made for us by the fantastic Lisa Porter. Lisa owns Ochre House and has been our chef for the last 3 years. She keeps us going with healthy, hearty food!

At 2 pm the group split up for a little while. Some went to visit the nearby garden center and gift shops in the area while others started on their relief prints. Then at 4pm we switched it up! Relief printing is a lovely technique that I learned in 2015 at Mill Road Studio in Port Rexton!

At 6pm our dinner was served! Lisa outdid herself again with another great meal!

Great food and wonderful people! These retreats are the highlight of my summer!

The work/fun continued into the evening with our Monochromatic night! We worked on 11x14 stretched canvases and created a lovely scene of a family of loons!

Great food and wonderful people! These retreats are the highlight of my summer!

Everyone did a really fantastic job with their monochromatic paintings, which is one my favorite styles.  

The retreats really are a great value! Includes your accommodation, meals and art supplies for the full weekend. Check out what each guest went home with!

Sunday morning we always end our weekend with at souvenir project. This year we made mugs to mark the end or our retreat!

All in all a great time! And best of all I get to do it all again in 2 weeks time with a new group of students! Check back for more pictures and updates.


Wonderful weekend as always. Thank you so much for putting this all together. Looking forward to next year! --Catherine

Once again another great retreat, thanks so much. --Joanne

Another awesome weekend with great people, wonderful projects and amazing food. Thanks again --Tracey

Finally I was happy with reeds I had painted!! All I needed was a lot of practice LOL! Thanks for the creative organization that goes into making such a successful weekend. Wonderful projects with interesting techniques. Also as always Lisa did a great job feeding us delicious and nutritious food. Until next year. --Jackie

Always a blast! Thanks for your hard work and thoughtfulness. Again good food, good company and good work. Loves ya --Geri

Thank you Lesley for a fun retreat! I enjoyed being one of the girls for the weekend. Highlights include the abstract painting, Daffy Duck the Loon and the baby Twoonies, feeding the goats, and the food! --Ian

Thank you for a great retreat! A pleasure to share with friends. Looking forward to next year! --Annette

Retreats 2018!

We had such a wonderful time at retreat 2017 that I decided to offer 2 retreats this year! The first 2018 retreat was July 13th 15th and it was a success!

I love introducing people to new mediums, brush strokes, despite the name is about so much more than painting. At the retreat artists had the opportunity to try acrylic painting with slow dry mediums, colored pencil drawing, print making and even painting on glass!

I hit the road around 3pm to drive to Ochre Pitt Cove Newfoundland, set up and unpacked all of the supplies! My guests started to arrive by 5pm and started to get settled into their rooms and checked out the grounds. Joanne and Darlene picked wild flowers to decorate our dining table!

After a scrumptious meal prepared by owner/chef Lisa Porter we started in with our first painting project using acrylics and slow dry medium to give more working time and ability to blend.

Friday night was capped off with a card game and a lot of laughs!

Saturday morning we had a colored pencil drawing class where artists had the opportunity to experiment with different types of papers, as well as several different methods for blending colored pencils. We then worked on a colored pencil seascape and they all turned out wonderful!

In the afternoon, after a wonderful lunch, the group decided to go on some adventures, some visited Northern Bay Sands, others visited family in the area and a few went shopping at some local nurseries and gift shops!

2pm we started with Print making! This was a favorite at last years retreat and I think it's safe to say it will be on the bill going forward as it's always a great activity and gives fantastic results. Student's took home 5 prints, 1 artist proof and one printed apron!

Saturday evening Lisa Barbequed for us after which we had our monochromatic night. Each student created a fantastic monochromatic landscape on 7 by 14 canvases.

We capped the night off with a Cards Against Humanity a game which had us all laughing and having a new appreciation of octopus!

Sunday morning before packing up to come home artists were introduced to glass paint! This is a special paint which adheres to glass or ceramic items. They each came up with their own design and then made a souvenir tea light holder!

I was so happy to get to do it all again 2 weeks later with another group of students! Check out the images of their weekend!

Friday night we started with an acrylic painting of a canoe in a tranquil pond followed by a campfire, a rather wet campfire! But being Newfoundlanders we made the most of it!

Saturday morning we had a landscape drawing class. Everyone was thrilled with their progress and how with some instruction drawing landscapes need not be as intimidating as they thought!

Saturday afternoon was print making where retreaters made their own relief print tile and then used it to make 6 paper prints and 1 tote bag!

After a lovely dinner it was monochromatic night! Check out these monochromatic moons!

Sunday morning we all painted a souvenir beach rock before heading back to town.


Another great weekend! Wouldn't change a thing. Thank you for your interest, energy and hard work to ensue this experience was all it could be for us. You are awesome and I learn something new every time I paint with you. Book me for next year!


A great time as usual! Enjoyed every minute. Hopefully I will be able to attend next year. Thanks for everything!


I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, of course my favorite was the relief printing activity. You bring out the creative side of me :) This place exudes calm, I don't there could be a more perfect setting for Art Retreat! Sign me up for next year! I look forward to your building excitement as it gets near.


The retreat was fantastic. Great group, food and activities. This was an awesome weekend! The fist of many for me I hope. Mark me down for next year.


Another fantastic retreat! Pace and instruction was perfect. Book me for July next year! Looking forward to the stress free weekend away from my phone with an awesome group of people.


Thanks so much for another great retreat! Food was great, fun was great, projects were great and the people were great!


Now I know what I missed last year... Fabulous weekend! Great accommodations, great food, excellent company and a superbly creative weekend. Sign me up for next year! Hugs!


I had a wonderful weekend. From the painting to the company, it was a wonderful retreat. Signe me up for 2019 where we can continue that game with the smoking octopus!!!!


Retreat 2017!

It has been a fantastic weekend at the retreat!

Fantastic people, fantastic artwork, fantastic food and fantastic fun! It's been a long time in the making and I had a wonderful time! I can't wait to do it all again next summer. You should all be proud of yourselves, your artwork is just amazing. For most of you, you are used to coming to a class for one medium, this weekend you got to try many different mediums and it was great to help you on that learning journey. I think some of you have found a new love for a new medium and that is just wonderful!

We kicked Friday night off with an acrylic painting. Everyone did a fantastic job!

Saturday morning we had wonderful time learning to draw, skies, water, trees and rocks. 

Lisa Porter, owner of Ochre House made us a scrumptious lunch!

In the afternoon we starting print making. 

Not only did participants take home 6 paper prints, they also put their designs on their

own canvas tote bags!

It wasn't all art at the retreat! We took the time to walk the beach, go for a hike, make new friends, we even have a great game of washer toss!

Saturday night was monochromatic night. Everyone did a fabulous job with their greyscale creations before heading out for a campfire! 

We introduced Joanne to her 1st ever smore and she taught us a new campfire song!


Such an awesome time! Learned so much! Can't wait for next year!


Had a great time. Location was beautiful and we had some amazing projects to work on.



The whole weekend was fantastic! Your excitement about the retreat is inspiring. The organization that went into the planned activities was outstanding! My favorite project was the print making. I learned a lot this weekend and look forward to hearing about Retreat 2018.


Awesome weekend Lesley! Book me in for 2018! Wonderful instruction and patience as we learned all the techniques. Glad all your planning over the year resulted in a very successful retreat. Your excitement is contagious!



I didn't know what to expect but the weekend was amazing! So glad I signed up and I want to do it again. Great group of people. All your hard work paid off.



Had an amazing time on this retreat. I have been looking forward to this since the email went out in September, and it didn't disappoint! Can't wait to get the notification about Retreat 2018!



From the start to finish it was an amazing time. The art, the print making, the walk on the beach, the food, the fire, the fun, my first smore! Can't wait 'til next year!



This was an amazing experience. Had a great time with great people. Really enjoyed the painting! Would love to come back again in 2018!


An absolutely fabulous experience! Learned lots and had a great time with great people. Thanks for all your hard work, organizing and instructing the activities this weekend. Looking forward to Retreat 2018!



Thanks so much for putting together such and amazing creative experience - in an equally inspiring location. Had a great time with great people!


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